The CLEANFleet certification (CFC) is a national program developed by CGFM to certify both private and public fleet operations as energy efficient and environmentally responsible. This program is the industry recognized method to measure and reward high standards in clean fleet management. The CFC is comprehensive as the strict standards require everyone involved in the operation, including senior management and/or elected officials, to support best practices and the responsible use of the funds needed to attain high standards.

The program will be structured in five progressive steps known as tiers allowing fleet operations to be recognized for their accomplishments. Each tier will have progressively more involved standards required for certification. The top tier, Tier 5, is designed for those highly advanced fleet operations. All tiers are valid for one year before requiring a re-certification.

Certification categories include:

  • Hazardous Waste Generator Identification
  • General Waste Management Requirements Waste Storage
  • Recycled Oil Products and Used Oil Management Program
  • Vehicle and Equipment Washing Facilities
  • Facility Air Quality
  • Freon Management
  • Contract Repair Work (outside services)
  • Product Storage
  • Facility Management
  • Administration and General Management Including Purchasing Policies
  • Vehicle Replacement and Carbon Footprint
  • Facility Utilities
  • Carbon Footprint

While the certification program recognizes fleet operations for their current accomplishments it also clearly identifies a pathway for those operations looking to improve their current processes. The program is priced to allow all fleet operations to actively participate regardless of fleet size, capabilities or funding restrictions.

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